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Networking and Workshops

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We had a very productive morning yesterday at Meash Media Productions.

We attended out first networking event of 2019 with BNI, it’s great to see the City of Sunderland growing and thriving through business relationships created by these amazing and encouraging groups of like minded individuals.

It was also a great eye opener for us to see how these types of ‘chapters’ work in the region and just how much business can be generated from a group of 20-30 people all from different industries. We connected with some businesses we thought we would never need to connect with, all in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable but early morning!

Our afternoon was filled with a visit back to the Princes Trust, an organisation that has helped us get where we are today.

We helped deliver a photography workshop with some other professional of the industry to a group of young adults. We touched on some basic photography principles, the technical side of cameras and of course some inspiration from our favourite photographers.

Princes Trust photography workshop

It was a chance for us to give back to the Princes Trust as a thank you for all the mentorship they gave to us in the first steps of setting up and building our business. We hope to be back again soon to help contribute more to this amazing organisation and inspire the lives of young entrepreneurs.

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