Meash Media Productions is a Gateshead based full service video production agency. We provide creative solutions for businesses and individuals around the UK. We specialise in helping businesses and brands grow and flourish by creating professional, innovative and engaging content. 


We have a passion for video production, photography, animation, editing and of course providing great customer service. Working with clients that have a vision for their brand or business and helping bring their ideas to life is what we do best. Even if you’re not the creative type we love to help our clients plan and brainstorm new ways of showcasing ideas for new and exciting projects. 

As brother and sister, we grew up in a family surrounded by the latest camera innovations. We've watched our parents shoot wedding videos on film and grew up into the digital age. Here we are now, having studied the art of filmmaking in university and college our goal is to help businesses improve themselves by keeping on top of the ever evolving video trends and sharing our talents for video production.

The team at Meash Media, based in Sunderland software centre it the UK Tyne and Wear. Video production companies north east


We work on each project personally applying our own strengths in every aspect. Working closely with our clients is a key principle we believe is essential to every project. We always  ensure our client is as involved as they wish  to be and has the opportunity to contribute their ideas and opinions to make their project unique to them. We strive to meet all our clients objectives, stick to budget and deliver by the deadline, never compromising on quality. 

Together we have created bespoke visual content for a variety of local businesses large and small, big name brands and individuals - no project is too big or too small for us. We have an ever-growing team of trusted freelancers from videographers and animators to scriptwriters and marketing professionals to work with us to deliver professional, high quality productions. If you would like to see how we can improve your business, ideas, content or website, invest in video and give us a call or email today and discover how we can help.




Victoria's passion through her years of studying film and television production was always the cinematography. She can help make your project stand out from the crowd with her excellent knowledge of camerawork and problem solving. 




From Instagram to TikTok, Amy can navigate all the social platforms like the back of her hand. Always up-to-date with the latest social media trends, Amy can help you posting monitor all your content to make sure it has the biggest impact.



Craig is the technical type, if the ‘techy’ side of things confuses you Craig is great at explaining the process to make it more easy to comprehend. His animation skills give each project that extra bit of dimension with a professional feel.




Need your snacks guarding? Latte is your go-to girl. Just don't expect them to be in the same place that you left them.



Marks talent for creative writing and passion for making films gives every project an element of professional storytelling. As our resident producer he keeps every project on schedule and ensures all the loose ends are tied up.




Our eye in the sky, Andy is our guy for all those stunning aerial shots. Savvy with all the latest cameras, he has a knack for adding flair to any project. He's also a whiz with websites too! Don't ask him to play the drums though...


Our HQ is down at the Pride Media Centre in Gateshead. Give us a call any day of the week to arrange a discovery chat, in person or on the phone. We believe in person is always better, let's get to know each other business to business. We can't wait to see what we could offer you.