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Terms & Conditions, Payment and Service Terms.

Terms And Conditions

Meash Media Productions is a registered partnership company based in Gateshead at Pride Media Centre NE100HW.

All services carried out by Meash Media Productions have the correct level of insurance in place to protect all parties involved in all productions. Document proof of this can be requested at

Payment Terms

We kindly ask that final or full payments to an invoice must either be paid at completion of service or within 31 days of notice for payment. Failure to make payment within 60 days of the invoice will incur a daily charge for each day missed (Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon) which is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate.

We require a 50% booking deposit before most services are carried out (Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon) which will need to be paid as soon as possible to secure the agreed date/s.

We can not guarantee our services unless the deposit is paid through one of our payment methods.

The deposit for any service is non-refundable.

If in the extreme circumstance Meash Media Productions could not complete the services paid for, a full refund would be issued within 28 days.

Any promotions/discounts will be applied to the invoice unless otherwise stated.

Service Terms

Booking a service with Meash Media Productions is confirming an agreement to all the terms and conditions stated on this page. All parties are legally bound to these terms. Meash Media Productions will ensure you are aware of the terms and conditions before booking. This is in effect from 21/06/2019.

Meash Media Productions will provide a detailed form or document highlighting all areas you intend to be included within the production before production starts. These will be required to be signed off by both parties. Failure to include all details may result in certain aspects being missed from the production (Certain angles, titles, subjects, photos, special requests, etc).  

Meash Media Productions offers one free revision to any of its productions unless otherwise specified. Additional re-edits or revisions are available at an extra cost.

Meash Media Productions are not responsible for any footage, pictures or content after the services are completed, we will hold necessary production materials for as long as possible but it is the client's responsibility to ensure the final product is sufficiently backed up and copied.

Meash Media Productions will factor all aspects of production into its cost. This includes the distance of locations, specialist equipment, extra crew members, etc. Such things will be planned out and detailed in pre-production to be shown and communicated back to the client.

By default, each production that Meash Media Productions takes on may use any photographic and video content produced on their social channels and website for self-promotion, advertising, and portfolio reasons unless otherwise agreed upon. 

Meash Media Productions does not offer a service in which we sell or hand over RAW files or footage.

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