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How can promotional video launch your business?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Can video marketing real launch my business?

Over the past few years video marketing usage has spiked among small and large businesses around the world. But is it really effective at bringing you new customers?

Google Loves Video

1. You are over 50% more likely to appear higher in Google search results if you have a video embedded on your website. That’s right. Which business doesn’t want to be on the first page in a Google search? Make sure you optimise your videos on youtube for better SEO. This will traffic more people looking for your services to your website and hold them on your page for longer while they watch your promotional content and thus signals Google telling them you have good content.

Video Marketing

Video is Visually Stimulating

2. Vision is our most dominant sense and video is first and foremost the most visually stimulating media available, studies have shown that videos increase conversation more effectively than a lengthly explainer paragraph or series of non-interactive photographs. Subsequently 73% of viewers who watched a product video went on to buy the product.

Video marketing infographic

A short promotional video is a great way to capture the customers attention and cram a lot of information into a very short space of time. It’s the fastest and easiest way to convey information and can persuade even the laziest of buyers. It is an effective tool in any given scenario when trying to sell your products or services.

Mobile Video Viewing is on the Rise

3. Everyone has their heads buried in their phones in this modern day. Video and mobiles go hands in hand. Surveys have shown that over 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile phones. Since people are more likely to consume on the go these days it would be silly not to integrate your marketing content with mobile friendly viewing platforms. Luckily Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter already have tools in place to be able to spread your video content in a mobile friendly manner.

Video marketing infographic

Video encourages Social Buzz

4. Posting video on social media means more social shares. Since 2016 the percentage of social marketers using video content has risen, from 73% in 2016 and it continues to rise. Facebook has since launched their Live video and 360 video feature. Instagram has launched its 60 second stories and IGTV feature, encouraging more people to start producing video content.

Social media users are more likely to share videos that speak to them in a way, make them laugh or cry. So the key to producing good social media content is to create innovative, striking and entertaining videos that evoke emotion.

Video can explain everything

5. Video (especially animation) can explain even the most complicated of concepts. If your business is based heavily on scientific facts for example, that are too difficult to explain to the average Joe without completely boring them to death, you might want to invest in explainer videos.

98% of consumers say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service they are interested in. Animation can make these explainer videos more interesting while remaining simple and effective.

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