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Happier Days for Strays - Documentary

Updated: May 27, 2020

Front of the Happier Days  For Strays shop
Happier Days For Strays Shop Front

Our growing team at Meash Media Productions have been in the process of shooting a documentary for a non-profit organisation in our home town of Sunderland.

Happier Days for Strays is a non-profit organisation which runs like a charity for unwanted and stray dogs. The generous people involved in HDFS work around the clock to re-home dogs that have been picked up off the streets or surrendered by their owners for many reasons, sometimes due to death, inability to cope or just not wanting to care for them any longer.

Lisa Scott - Founder of Happier Days For Strays
Lisa Scott - Happier Days For Strays

Our hope is that the documentary brings to light the important work HDFS do for the local community and of course the dogs themselves. Keeping dogs out of kennels where they are likely to never be re-homed and housing them in loving foster homes until a new owner comes along to care for them.

HDFS are always on the lookout for new foster carers to temporarily look after the dogs they receive every day. As well as re-homing dogs they also use their own funds which come from the charity shop, public donations and often their own pockets to pay for the vet bills, food and bedding for every dog which can quickly become costly. They hope that the documentary gains enough interest to encourage other members of the public to help foster the dogs they bring in each day, donate more and help them achieve charity status.

Sam - Volunteer for Happier Days For Strays
Sam Walker - Happier Days For Strays

As a video production company that usually does commercial video and weddings it has been an interesting project to work on. It's tough keeping up with Lisa, the brains and brawn behind HDFS and her amazing volunteers. Chasing them all over the North East and following up on each dogs personal story, from the surrender to the re-homing and all the loving and caring fosterers we have met on the way.

Re-homed dog taken into care by Happier Days For Strays
Rodney The Staffy

We’re very excited to see where this journey takes us. Keep following us for more updates.

If you would like to see this documentary unfold please show your support by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Like the Happier Days for Strays Facebook Group and show your support for this amazing organisation.

Dogs having a walk in Barnes Park
Dogs out for a walk

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