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Has your business been affected by COVID-19?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020


If your business has suffered as a result of the global pandemic, please read on.

Like many other businesses, ours came to a stand still on the first day of the UK lockdown. Since then we have eagerly waited for our time to be able to press on with our work, but with the lockdown rules inhibiting most of our projects we have had to come up with new ways to sell our services.

We have decided that now is our time to give back to our local community in an effort to help kickstart some business flowing in our region. We would like to announce that we are offering our skills and services to help fellow north east businesses at a heavily discounted rate. We would love to be able to offer free services like other large companies have been doing recently as a sign of gratitude but sadly it's not sustainable for us as a small business. But we want to help in any way that we can!

If your business is looking to reopen soon, why not think about ways in which you can spread your fantastic news.

We can help you announce that you have reopened your doors and get the right message across to your customers about new measures you are implementing to be safer and compliant with the new rules. Show how you have adapted and overcame the tough time we have all been through in the past few months. Tell your customers you have not been defeated by the virus!

Graphics, animation and social media marketing can all be done from the comfort of our office desks. Meaning we would remain contact free for those kinds of service. As for the likes of photo and video, we are implementing the 2 meter rule to keep an acceptable distance from our clients and introducing face masks as a considerate precaution to others on location so we can capture any necessary content safely. We will not take on any project if anyone of us feels unwell or displays symptoms.

We hope that our region can bounce back from this very uncertain and awful time we are experiencing. Seeing businesses in our home town closing as a result of the pandemic is the last thing we want to witness so we hope that our services can help many businesses like ourselves pull through to the other side.

As well as offer our services at low rates for north east based businesses we also want to encourage the public to opt for local businesses as opposed to larger brands. Big brands often have the means to keep going and also a larger customer base to begin with. That's not to say they haven't been as badly affected as us small companies. But we're encourage the public to think about your home town and whether you would want walk through the city centre only to see a lot of shutters down for good. A lot of businesses might not survive this, so it's important to show your support.

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