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Here at Meash Media in the Pride Media Centre, nestled in the little borough of Bill Quay we have access to a huge range of state of the art, broadcast quality facilities. We are just a stones throw away from Newcastle City Centre which makes us a prime location for any kind of production. 


We have four very unique, purpose built TV studios right at our feet. The largest studio is whopping 1433 square feet! Ideal for set building, big assets and large scale productions. We also have a 750 square feet studio with infinity wall green screen. There is no limit to what could be created with these facilities. All four studios are professionally sound proofed to ensure smooth sailing for any kind of production, we are so lucky to have these facilities on our doorstep here in Gateshead. They really give the professional edge to any production big or small.


If you have a project which requires video production, it would be a pleasure to show you the ropes. We specialise in video for business, helping our clients grow their presence and present their products and services through innovative video. Whether it be for social media, websites, YouTube or TV. We’re ready to help you start creating a video which represents what you’re all about. Engage your customers dynamically and effectively and grow that business.



Each video production starts with a friendly informal meeting with our clients to discuss their goals and vision for their project. We like to call this a discovery meeting. With the target audience and end goal in mind we will work together with our clients to come up with a creative solution.


On to the pre-production phase. Here we will come up with a storyboard and any script materials we need to execute the video. From these plans we will find locations and lock in some dates for the next stage. 


On to the best bit! We use only the latest professional cameras and equipment to produce the highest quality and industry standard content for our clients. The production phase aims to gather all the components together to create the video and get the footage ready to hand over to the edit. 


This is the post-production stage. Here we gather together all components and assemble them together in a sequence to create the final product. We always like to make sure our client is involved throughout the whole process, contributing at every stage.


The final step is the delivery. We offer support for our clients to help launch their final product. We can share our knowledge of how to optimise investment and help the video reach its intended audience.



Aladdin Magic Carpet Ride - Sunderland Empire
Furniture Retail Store Advert - Delivery Promotion
Product Photography Animation
Meltdown Pizza -  Social Media Advert
Cocktail Promo Video - Social Media
Furniture Retail Store - Valentines Day Dining Sets
Heated Delivery Bags -  Social Media Advert Example
Warmglow Customer Testimonial Video
Retail Store Advert Example - The Carpet And Furniture Superstore
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