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Video Marketing Part II

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

What kind of video should I choose for my business?

Video Marketing hints and tips

Looking back at our last article ‘Video Marketing - why is it so effective?’, we’ve analysed our audience, who they are and what they want. You know what your USP’s are off by heart and you’re now planning to produce some cutting edge content. But what type of video should you be choosing, there are a few more things to consider when picking the most suitable kind a video for your business. In this article I’ll be running through some of the most common types and for what purposes they are best used for. Here are a list of some of the most popular types available, keep reading for more information:

- Social Media Friendly Content

- Product Explainer Videos

- How-to Videos

- Testimonials

- Viral Videos

Social Media Friendly Content - These types of videos are a great cost effective way to spread and share your products, services or business for less. Not only is sharing on social platforms a form of free marketing, studies have shown that videos shared on social media are typically 1 minute or under. This is because social media users who are passively consuming content tend to have a short attention span. The shorter the video - the cheaper in price. Don’t forget you have to factor the production value into your overall costs. Using the likes of drones and multiple locations for a 1 minute long social media production doesn’t mean it will be cheaper because it’s short.

social media marketing hints and tips

Explainer Videos - These are great for if you're trying to get a product off the ground, maybe you want to start a kickstarter campaign and you want to present your ideas and how they work - they can also be used to make announcements about what you have in the pipeline. Or maybe you just want to advertise your business and why customers should choose you. These videos are generally longer because they will be aimed directly at your investors or clientele. Probably through email campaigns or embedding the video onto your websites alongside the product or service you’re trying to sell. The purpose is in the name - these videos aim to explain in detail every aspect of you, your product, your service, your business. How consumers will benefit from it, help they get a better understanding and why they should choose you over competitors. Ultimately the goal is to convert the viewers into customers, making them believe in what you’re trying to achieve.

explainer video hints and tips

How-to Videos - These aren’t typically used for direct marketing purposes, they are used to demonstrate to customers who have already invested in your product how to use it or a way to answer common questions asked. This type of video will be longer to contain all the necessary information. They might be embedded in emails sent out to your customers or uploaded to your website or YouTube. Placing these kinds of videos in the right place can have a positive effect on the traffic of customers coming to you to spend money. Let's say you sell tents - you want an easy to follow no hassle video to show your customers how to set up your tents. Now lets say you post that video on YouTube titled ‘How to put up a tent’, people searching the internet for a fast way to educate themselves on how to erect a tent might stumble upon your high quality, beautifully shot tutorial and if you include links, branding and logos in the description and video itself you can generate traffic to you website and potentially gain more paying customers.

Testimonial Videos - Customers love seeing people who aren’t connected to your company raving about your products and services. Testimonial videos are a great way to show people your reviews in a more personal way. Some consumers will spend a while reading reviews on sites like Trustpilot in order to get the best possible service. The other portion would rather not sit and read through reviews but rather have the proof handed to them in the form of a quick honest video. These kinds of videos serve well being embedded into your website as a way to convert customers into buying.

Viral Videos - Viral videos are tricky, but when you get them right they can snowball into a huge success. When people think of viral videos they think kittens and puppies and epic fails. They’re not wrong, viral videos have to be shocking, funny, adorable, emotional or just down right epic. Otherwise they won’t go viral, no one is going to care a slightly above average funny clip. So getting it right when trying to produce a viral video for marketing purposes can be tricky. Celebrity endorsement can be used when selling a product which can help videos gain traction but viral videos can’t be forced, they have to feel real and not like advertisements. One example is this Go-Pro viral video. The video itself wasn’t centred around the Go-Pro, it just happened to be there. It’s real, it's shocking, it’s emotional and its adorable. Almost ticked every box! Viral videos get off the ground by the general public sharing them worldwide, they can be a risky investment if they don’t do as well as intended so choose wisely when thinking about what type of video you want.

Now that you know what options are available you're well on your way to creating some exciting, innovative and beneficial content for your business!

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